Church of Christ
Mission USA
These tracts may be copied or can be requested from:
Tracts are free.  Tracts are printed on high quality glossy paper.
Tracts here may be copied in their entirety.
PDF below:
Tract: WhyAreYouA.Tract.pdf  Why Are You A Baptist, Jehovah's Witness ..., etc.  
Tract: SavedLikeTheThief.pdf   Saved Like The Thief? 
Tract: HeavenorHellYouAreChoosing.pdf  You Are Choosing Heaven Or Hell  
Tract: WhatMustIDoToBeSavedTract.pdf  What Must I Do To Be Saved?  Conversion Chart.   

  My4TractsFacePage.pdf   Front Cover of the 4 tracts.