Church of Christ
Mission USA
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). 
"..., The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;  Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" (Mat. 9:37-38).  "..., Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest” (John 4:35).
The sun has already set for untold numbers.  We can do nothing about them; their eternal destiny is sealed!
The sun is setting for multitudes of others and ever sinking low for all.  We must be busy in God's work; seeking and saving the lost.
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We are no longer posting the WR here: We send them out via email and US mail to those interested in receiving the monthly report.  
2014,11 WR 201411WROptimismStressNormal.pdf  Error dealt with on "giving"
2014,10 WR 201410TentMeetingPlanned.pdf  Tent Meetings
2014,9 WR 20149VolunteersforTentMeetings.pdf  Volunteers Needed
2014,8 WR 20148GMSoMuchToDo.pdf  Gospel Meeting & Future Work
2014,7 WR 20147TroublesDking.pdf Some motor home troubles & door knocking
2014,6 WR 20146ChurchInsights.pdf  Church Insights 
2014,5 WR  20145TornadoGospelMeeting.pdf  Tornado & Gospel Meeting 
2014,4 WR 20144WRALTN.pdf AL & TN 
2014,3 WR 20143WRBaptismInMSALWork.pdf  More good news
2014,2 WR 20142WRPlansTractsG.Meetings.pdf Plans, Tracts, Gospel Meetings
2014,1 WR 20141WREndOfYear.pdf  End of The Year -- Overall a Good Year
2013,12 WR 201312WR;MSChristianBondIns.pdf  In MS, Christian Bond, "Affordable Health Care"
2013,11 WR 201311WR;WAWork.pdf Not All Churches of Christ Are As They Should Be
2013,10 WR 201310WR;WAandGloriousHope.pdf The Christian's Glorious Hope
2013,9 WR 20139WR;SadStateOfSomeChurches.pdf Sad State Of Some Churches
2013,8 WR 20138WR;WinslowAZtoWA.pdf Winslow, AZ to WA; 20138WR;DaveHartWinslowAZ.pdf Letter from church.
2013,7 WR 20137WR;WinslowGospelMeeting.pdf Winslow Gospel Meeting, etc. 
2013,6 WR 20136WR;WinslowHotDryDusty.pdf Winslow: Hot, Dry, and Dusty, but good contacts
2013,5 WR 20135WR;TriptoAZ.pdf Windy trip to windy city, AZ  
2013,4 WR 20134WR;TNtoAZ.pdf Ending TN work and heading west to AZ
2013, 3 WR 20133MountPleasantTNNeedfordoorknocking.pdf  Mount Pleasant, TN; Need for door knocking 
2013, 2 WR 20132WR;TNAZSmallCongreg.Needs.pdf  TN, AZ, Small Congregation Needs
2013, 1 WR 20131BirthDeathHealthCk.Totals.pdf  Birth, Death, Health checkup, Totals
2012, 7-11 WR 2012ffWebsiteBriefs12.pdf  2012 July to December reports are here. 
2012, 6 WR 20126SalamancaNY.pdf  Arrived and settled in to the work.
2012, 5 WR 20125RutledgeTNGospelMeeting.pdf  Door Knocking & Gospel Meeting in Rutledge, TN
2012, 4 WR 20124LeavingNatchezMSGMinTN.pdf  Leaving Natchez, MS soon; heading for next work. 
2012, 3 WR 20123NatchezMSPreachingTeaching.pdf  Very good success in signing people up for the BCC.
2012, 2 WR 20122NatchezMSResidentsOfTN.pdf  Work in Natchez, MS going very well.
2012, 1 WR 20121RedBayALtoMS.pdf 
2011,12 WR 201112RedBayALfuturework.pdf  We are at Red Bay, AL getting the motorhome worked on and door knocking with the church here.
2011, 10 WR 201110PerryvilleMO.pdf  Continuing our work in Perryville, MO; found rude people, but some prospects.

2011, 8 WR  Finished work at Custer; now at Perryville, MO

2011, 7 WR  Custer: the good seed has been sown; we set them up to do the BCCs; leaving soon; see report for totals.

2011, 6 WR  Custer: one baptized; June’s totals: 68 miles; 3 dvds; 676 pks; 2 refused material; 678 drs

2011, 5 WR  Work in Custer, SD; Written Debate with a False Teacher Among Us; Brother Cancelled Gospel Meeting Because of Fuel Prices -- Shame!

2011, 4 WR  Gospel Meeting at Reserve, NM; more results from Havasu; now working in Custer, SD

2011, 3 WR  From 102 degrees to 29; Changing to new work--Holding Gospel Meeting; Passed out almost 2,000 packets 

2011, 2 WR  Good sound material has been given to 871 households in Parker, AZ.

2011, 1 WR  Parker, AZ

2010, 12 WR  Total of 10,685 packets of tracts, 950 DVDs passed out.  Heading for new work area.  Can you help?

2010, 11 WR  Atmore, AL  November's totals: 826 doors knocked; 520 miles driven (We give our mileage but not our footsteps); 818 packets left; 46 DVDs left; 2 BCCs signed up; 8 refused the material.  Study with Mormons.
2010, 10 WR  Atmore, AL  October’s totals: 561 miles; 1 BCC; 1 spot study; 33 DVDs; 561 pks passed out; 7 refused material; 568 total doors.  (We give our mileage but not our footsteps...)
2010, 9 WR  Working in Atmore, AL; Why are we losing so many congregations?
2010, 8 WR  Gospel Meeting and letter from Steve Iverson concerning our work
2010, 7 WR  Gospel Meeting to be held in Fairmont, MN (the church does not exist in this city or in the county); Great opportunities in these places
2010, 6 WR  1,905 packages left at houses so far (through June); Baptist Preacher Challenged;  Great Need
2010, 5 WR  Door Knocking in MN
2010, 4 WR  Transition, Supporters, Finances
2010, 3 WR  Left the beautiful Shenandoah Valley
2010, 2 WR  Preparing to leave Shenandoah
2010, 1 WR  Preparing 11,700 packets for summer's work
2009, 12 WR  Texas Trip; Old Friends; Volunteers Needed 
2009, 11 WR  2009 door knocking totals: 2,485 doors knocked; 2,443 packets left; 407 DVDs left; 58 BCCs signed up; 5 spot studies; 14 home studies... 
2009, 10 WR  Shenandoah, VA: 168 doors knocked; 165 packets left; 7 DVDs left; 3 refused the material. 
2009, 9 WR  Shenandoah, VA: 428 doors knocked; 198 miles driven; 7 bcc;1 spot study; 4 home studies; 56 DVDs; 424 packs;  4 refused material. 
2009, 8 WR  Shenandoah, VA: 381 doors knocked; 175 miles; 11 bcc;  4 home studies; 1 conversion; 83 dvds; 372 packs;  9 refused material.
2009, 7 WR  Elkton, VA: 420 doors knocked; 180 miles driven; 412 packets left; 68 DVDs left; 7 BCCs signed up; 8 refused the material.
2009, 6 WR  Elkton, Va: 465 drs; 182 miles; 461 pks; 81 dvds; 14 bcc; 4 rm; 3 ss
2009, 5 WR  Elkton, VA: 258 drs; 115 miles; 249 pks; 46 dvds; 7 bcc; 9 rm (refused material); 1 ss (on the spot study).
2009, 4 WR  Elkton, VA: 193 drs; 190 pks; 33 dvds; 8 bcc; 3 rm; 0 ss; 0 hs; 65 mi.
2008, 12 WR  Trip to Red Bay, AL and Texas
2008, 11 WR  Misconceptions or Impressions: Our work and motorhome
2008, 10 WR  2008 door knocking totals: 1,762 doors knocked; ....
2008, 3 WR  Moved into motorhome
2007, 8 WR  Our dedication and their vision
2007, 7 WR  Change of  lifestyle: from house to motorhome