Church of Christ
Mission USA

What All People Must Do To Be Saved

by Perry Sexton

      Dear friend, I write to you the following because of my deep concern for your eternal salvation and that of your family members and friends of which you do have a great influence upon.  Please consider what I have to say and most of all study from the Bible those conversions seen on the chart on the inside of this bulletin.

      If you will do so, you will learn from God’s Word what Jesus the Savior taught that man must do in order to be saved.  And you will learn what God’s preachers preached; and that the people who obeyed were saved from their past sins; and were added to the one church which Jesus built (Matt. 16:18; Acts 2:47).  You will see all of this is in complete harmony to what Jesus taught.

Some Things Missing From The Bible

      You will also learn that some things are missing from the chart that is commonly heard among men today.  The reason being is because they were never taught by God, Jesus, nor any inspired man.  They are simply not true and are not found in God’s Word.  Here are a few things said by man which are contrary to God’s Word: (1) Saved by grace only; (2) Saved by faith only; (3) Pray the sinner’s prayer;  (4) Ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you and He will;  (5) Come to the mourner’s bench;  (6) You are saved by faith and then are to be baptized.  These are all false ways that men have come up with for one reason or another.  There is no Bible for any of them.  Please study the verses (and contexts) in the chart to learn of God’s salvation for you.  If you have any questions let me know. ♥ 

pdf chart: 20113ConversionChartpg.2.pdf