Holding fast the Sound words (SW)

(II Tim.1:13 cp. Tit.1:9; Jude 3) A publication for church members

Church of Christ (Rom. 16:16) Mission USA

Reaching the world with the Word of God.

Always seek the will of the Lord.

God is always within your reach.

Searching for the truth according to God's Word.

The Truth May Be:
  • Rejected and thus reject Jesus and salvation (John 12:48).
  • Not believed (2 Thess. 2:12).
  • Evil spoken of (2 Peter 2:2).
  • Turned from (Titus 1:14; James 5:19).
  • Not loved (2 Thess. 2:10).
  • Never known because of lack of love and desire (2 Tim. 3:7).
  • Not obeyed (Gal. 5:7).

Or the opposite of all the above could be true for you. 

The choice is yours!

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  Read verse 31.
  • “Teach me thy way…; I will walk in thy truth:” Psa. 86:11 “…his truth shall be thy shield and buckler” (Psa. 91:4). 
  • Please think about it.  –Perry Sexton
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List of Sound Words (SW) articles:  {Please feel free to copy articles in their completeness and reprint}

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2018 NIDoctrineBenevolence.pdf  Tract Name: Benevolence of God and His Church (See article below). 

2018 Non-Institutional Church Study or God and His Church's Benevolence NIArticleRevisedArt.pdf 
2016,9  20169SW;Sin.pdf  Sin  
2016,8  20168SW;SinIsNoLongerOfConsequence.pdf  Sin Is No Longer Of Consequence   
2015,8  20158SW;BenevolenceAntiorLiberal.pdf  Benevolence of The Church: Anti or Liberal
2015,7 20157IAmYourChildRevisedforpublic.pdf  I Am Your Child {Encouragement to parents}
2015,4 20154SW;ChurchAttendance;GodWillSupply.pdf Two articles: Church Attendance; God Will Supply ...
2014,9-11 SW 201411SW;ManyAreStillForsakingJesus1.pdf  Preachers, Elders, Members, not standing for truth
2014,4-8 SW  20148SW;OneSermon;FourHearts.pdf  True story of "One Sermon: Four Hearts." 
2014,3 SW  20143SW;ChangingOurMindset.pdf Changing Our Mindset 
2014,1&2 SW 201412SW;LeadershipProblemsTruthLove.pdf Leadership Problems, Youth Ministers, etc.
2013, 12 SW 201312SW;LeadershipProblemsLackOfLoveFaith.pdf Leadership Problems (Lack of Love For God And Faith)
2013,11 SW 201311SW;LeadershipProblems.pdf Leadership Problems
2013,9 SW 20139SW;TheFaithAndCourageOfPhinehas.pdf The Faith And Courage Of Phinehas (Church Disciplines)
2013,8 SW 20138SW;FalseTeachers.pdf False Teachers
2013,7 SW 20137SW;SavedLikeTheThief8.5x14.pdf Are We Saved Like The Thief?
2013,6 SW 20136SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart5.pdf The Kind Of Faith God Requires (part 5) - (Do You Have This Faith?)
2013,5 SW 20135SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart4.pdf The Kind Of Faith God Requires (part 4) – (As Seen In The Book Of Romans)
2013,4 SW 20134SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart3.pdf The Kind Of Faith God Requires (part 3) (Abraham’s Righteousness)
2013,3 SW 20133SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart2.pdf  The Kind Of Faith God Requires (part 2)  (Abraham's Faith)
2013,2 SW  20132SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart1.pdf  The Kind Of Faith God Requires (part 1)
2013,1 SW  20131ConvertingTheWorldEvangelismPart9.pdf  Evangelism: Converting The World (Part 9) 
(Learning From Jesus And Following His Instructions)

2012,12 SW  201212ConvertingTheWorldEvangelismPart8.pdf  Evangelism: Converting The World (Part 8)
(The only way to do this is by preaching the gospel which includes exposing sin and error….  Look back at church bulletins, publications, periodicals, etc. and see how many dealt with abortion and same sex marriages just prior to and leading up to this past election.)

2012,11 SW  201211PlantWaterIncreaseEvangelismPart7.pdf  PLANT, WATER, AND GOD GIVES THE INCREASE  James E. Farley;  Evangelism: Converting The Congregation (Part 7)  (It Won’t Work Here)

2012,10 SW  201210SWVoteServeGodOrSelfishness.pdf  Who Do We Serve, God Or Selfishness?  (Your Vote Counts)
2012,9 SW 20129Evan.Conv.Congre.Part6SexualSinsVote.pdf  Evangelism: Converting Self (Part 6) (Your Influence Is Great) Also: Sexual Sins And Voting Morally
2012,8 SW 20128EvangelismConv.SelfPart5Vote.pdf Evangelism: Converting Self (Part 5) (Which Complex Do we Have?) Also: Election Time Is Coming: How Will You Vote?  
2012,7 SW 20127EvangelismConvertingSelfPart4.pdf  Evangelism: Converting Self (Part 4)  A Matter Of Faith And Trust In God

2012,6 SW 20126EvangelismConvertingSelfPart3.pdf  Evangelism: Converting Self (Part 3)  “…who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Est. 4:14)
2012,5W 20125EvangelismConvertingSelfPart2.pdf  Evangelism: Converting Self (part 2) “And yes YOU also can be a Paul, a Peter, a Stephen, a Phillip, a Restoration worker, a personal worker, a financial supporter of the very greatest work on earth!”
2012,4 SW 20124EvangelismConvertingSelfPart1.pdf  Evangelism: Converting Self (part 1)
2012, 3 SW HolySpiritSeriesRunningFormat.pdf  The complete series on the Holy Spirit is listed here without bulletin headings on each article.
2012, 3 SW 20123SummaryPart15.pdf  Some new points added; more about Mac Deaver. 

2012, 2 SW 20122TheSpiritWorksThroughTheWordChartpg2.pdf  Chart for the article above.
2012, 1 SW 20121TheSwordofTheSpiritPart13.pdf  The Sword Of The Spirit (part 13, Holy Spirit series)
2011, 12 SW 201112GodDoesNotLiterallyDwellInHumansPart12.pdf  Why God Does Not Literally Dwell In Humans  (Part 12, Holy Spirit series)
2011, 11 SW 201111HolySpiritTheResultofPIPart11.pdf  The Result Of The Erroneous Belief Of Personal Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit!!!  (Part 11, Holy Spirit series)
2011, 10 SW 201110HolySpiritEarnestPart10.pdf Is The Personal Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit The Earnest Of Our Inheritance? (Part 10)
2011, 9 SW  Personal Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit Advocates Have Many Problems (Part 9) 
2011, 8 SW  False Teachers: Like Father Like Son (Why Would A Good Shepherd Invite A Grievous Wolf To Come In Among The Flock?) 
2011, 7 SW  Personal Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit Advocates Have Many Problems (Part 8, How The Godhead Dwells In The Christian Today) 
2011, 6 SW  The “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38? (Part 7, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2011, 5 SW  What Is Wrong With The Church Of Christ?
2011, 4 SW  The “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38?   (Part 6, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2011, 3 SW  Respect for God: Our Dress in Worship
2011, 2 SW  The “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38?   (Part 5, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2011, 1 SW  Samuel Rogers (Great lessons from the life of this pioneer preacher)
2010, 12 SW  The “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38?   (Part 4, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2010, 11 SW  As The Young Men Rejoiced, The Old Men Wept  (women speaking out in worship)
2010, 10 SW  Where Is The Bases For The Holy Spirit Personally Indwelling The Christian?   
(Part 3, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent) 
2010, 9 SW  See  2010, 8 Jrnl  The Last ...  (The Passing Of My Mother) 
2010, 8 SW  Holy Spirit: Study Guidelines And Scholars  (Part 2, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2010, 7 SW  The Fruits Of Error On The Holy Spirit  (Part 1, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)
2010, 6 SW  Mouths Must Be Stopped
2010, 5 SW  Goodbyes And Some Lessons From Them (continued)
2010, 4 SW  Goodbyes And Some Lessons From Them
2010, 3 SW  The Handling of Church Finances (part 2)
2010, 2 SW  The Handling of Church Finances (part 1)
2010,1 SW  Some Sound Reminders
2009, 12 SW   Withdrawal of Fellowship (part 2)
2009, 11 SW  Withdrawl of Fellowship (part 1)
2009, 10 SW  Repentance, Confession of Sins and Forgiveness
2009, 9 SW  Only Behind Closed Doors
2009, 8 SW  Let Me Die The Death of The Righteous
2009, 7 SW  Fixing the Hole and Filling the Bucket
2009, 6 SW  The Children of Ananias and Sapphira
2009, 5 SW  Peace Is To Be Desired, But Never At The Expense Of Truth!
2009, 4 SW  Honesty
2009, 3 SW  Memories
2009, 2 SW  What Will It Matter A Hundred Years From Now?
2009, 1 SW  Hindrances to The Gospel
2008, 12 SW  The Wayward Soldiers  &  Paul's Fund Raising
2008, 11 SW  Do We Have The Right To Know Where Brethren Stand? [Denominational Funds]
2008, 10 SW  GOD'S PERFECT PLAN FOR CHURCH FINANCE  [And beginning of the above article]
2008, 9 SW  The Faith Of Caleb – Evangelization  &  False Teachers Among Us
2008, 8 SW  Evangelistic Minded Brethren Needed
2008, 7 SW  PRIDE, A KILLER OF THE SOUL!  &  Has It Come To This In The Church of Our Lord???
2008, 6 SW  Perilous Times
2008, 5 SW  Is It Scriptural For The Church To Accept Funds From A Denomination For The Lord’s Work?
2008, 4 SW  Respect of Persons  &  Why is it Some Brethren Will Not Give A Plain Answer?  &  Marks of Error
2008, 3 SW  Unto Him be Glory in The Church -- Are We???  &  Is it Scriptural For The Church to Accept Funds From A Denomination [the organization] For The Lord's Work?  (continued)
2008, 2 SW Is it Scriptural For The Church to Accept Funds From A Denomination [the organization] For The Lord's Work?  &  Shall We Use Denominational Articles In Our Publications?
2008, 1 SW  How Important Is Bible Study?  &  How Evangelistic Are We???  &  Examining Self  &  BADGE OF DISCIPLESHIP
2007, 12 SW  Pleasing God vs. Pleasing Men  &  Is There Not A Fault Among Us?  &  Wars and Fightings Among Us  &  The Great Goal
2007, 11 SW  The Day of Rejoicing  &  Church Building Syndrome  &  Christian Clothing
2007, 10 SW  The Life Of Paul  &  EVALUATING MY LOVE FOR GOD