Holding forth the word of life (WOL)
(Phil 2:16 cp. John 6:63, 68)
Church of Christ (Rom. 16:16) Mission USA

Reaching the world with the Word of God.

Always seek the will of the Lord.

God is always within your reach.

Searching for the truth according to God's Word.

The Truth May Be:
  • Rejected and thus reject Jesus and salvation (John 12:48).
  • Not believed (2 Thess. 2:12).
  • Evil spoken of (2 Peter 2:2).
  • Turned from (Titus 1:14; James 5:19).
  • Not loved (2 Thess. 2:10).
  • Never known because of lack of love and desire (2 Tim. 3:7).
  • Not obeyed (Gal. 5:7).

Or the opposite of all the above could be true for you. 

The choice is yours!

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  Read verse 31.
  • “Teach me thy way…; I will walk in thy truth:” Psa. 86:11 “…his truth shall be thy shield and buckler” (Psa. 91:4). 
  • Please think about it.  –Perry Sexton
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List of Word of Life (WOL) articles:  {Please feel free to copy articles in their completeness and reprint}
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2014,3 WOL 20143WOLWillAllGoodPeopleBeSavedRR.pdf Will All Good People Be Saved?  by Rod Rutherford 


2014,1&2 WOL 201412WOL;YouShouldKnowWorshipChurch.pdf Some Things All People Should Know


2013,12 WOL 201312WOL;WhereIsTheLight.pdf Where Is The Light?


2013,11 WOL 201311WOL;GodsWatchmenEG.pdf God's Watchmen


2013,10 WOL 201310WOL;ThePowerOfTheGospel.pdf The Power of The Gospel

2013,9 WOL 20139WOL;WhyDoYouTransgress.By.Part2.pdf Why Do You Transgress The Commandment of God...? (Part 2)

2013,8 WOL 20138WOL;WhyDoYouTransgress.By.Part1.pdf Why Do You Transgress The Commandment of God...? (Part 1)

2013,7 WOL 20137WOLResurrectionTEChart.pdf Ressurection


2013,7 SW 20137SW;SavedLikeTheThief8.5x14.pdf Are We Saved Like The Thief?


2013,6 WOL 20136WOL;WhatIfIAmLostPart3CanIDo.pdf What If I Am Lost? (Part 3) (Can I Do Anything About My Lost Condition?)

2013,5 WOL 20135WOL;WhatIfIAmLostPart2DoesGodCare.pdf What If I Am Lost? (Part 2) – (Does God Care If I Am Lost?)


2013,4 WOL 20134WOL;WhatIfIAmLostPart1.pdf What If I Am Lost? (Part 1)  (What Will Eternity Be Like For Me?)


2013,2ff SW 20132SW;TheKindOfFaithGodRequiresPart1.pdf "The Kind Of Faith God Requires" (Us To Have) Go to  Sound Words Bulletin to see succeeding articles on this vital subject.


2013,3 WOL 20133WOL;WhyNotUseInstrumentsOfMusicPart4.pdf  Why The Church Of Christ Does Not Use Mechanical Instruments Of Music In Worship (part 4)


2013,2 WOL 20132WOL;WhyNotUseInstrumentsOfMusicPart3.pdf  Why The Church Of Christ Does Not Use Mechanical Instruments Of Music In Worship (Part 3)


2013,1 WOL 20131WhyNotUseInstrumentsOfMusicPart2.pdf  Why The Church Of Christ Does Not Use Mechanical Instruments Of Music In Worship (Part 2)


2012,12 WOL  201212WhyNotUseInstrumentsOfMusicPart1.pdf  Why The Church Of Christ Does Not Use Mechanical Instruments Of Music In Worship (Part 1)


2012,11 WOL 201211MyAns.toQuestionsseeSept.pdf  My answer to the questions I asked you. 


2012,10 WOL 201210VoteServeGodOrSelfishness.pdf  Who Do We Serve, God Or Selfishness?  (Your Vote Counts)


2012,9 WOL 20129AreYouFFGodSexualSinsVote.pdf  Are You Following God?  Sexual Sins And Voting Morally


2012,8 WOL 20128DoWeHaveGodsWordVote.pdf  Do We Have God's Word Today?  Election Time Is Coming: How Will You Vote?


2012,7 WOL 20127HeavenOrHellYouChoose.pdf  Heaven Or Hell!  You Choose!   


2012,6 WOL 20126LordsSupper.pdf  Did you know that most denominations are not following the Bible concerning the Lord's Supper?


2012,5 WOL 20125BaptismIfSavedBeforeB.Then.pdf  This article shows the foolishness of thinking baptism is not essential to salvation.


2012,4 WOL 20124ModernVersionsoftheBible.pdf  Modern Versions of The Bible (NIV)


2012,3 WOL 20123AuthorityInReligion.pdf  A very important subject.


2012, 2 WOL 20122OnlyOnePersonInTheGodheadQ.pdf  If one believes the Bible it is easy to see that there are three Persons in the Godhead.  Consider ...


2012, 1 WOL 20121WhereGodPutWaterPart3.pdf  Where God Put Water, (part 3)  See chart below.


2011, 12 WOL 201112WhereGodPutWaterPart2.pdf  Where God Put Water, (part 2)  Lesson on baptism from Naaman.


2011, 11 WOL 201111WhereGodPutWaterChart.pdf  Where God Put Water, Chart for this series. 


2011, 11 WOL 201111WhereGodPutWaterPart1.pdf  Where God Put Water, (part 1)  Lesson on baptism.


2011, 10 WOL  201110MarriageDivorceRemarriage.pdf  God's Will on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage


2011, 9 WOL  Is Man Saved Before Baptism?  pdf: 20119IsManSavedBeforeBaptism.pdf     

{pdf} chart: 20119IsManSavedBeforeBaptismChart.pdf


2011, 8 WOL Understanding The Bible (keys); Are Different Interpretations Of The Bible Acceptable?


2011, 7 WOL  Can We Understand The Bible Alike?  


2011, 6 WOL  God And His Children’s Love For You  20116GodandHischildrensLoveforYou.pdf


2011, 5 WOL  Love


2011, 4 WOL  When Was Saul Saved?  (many today think they are saved, but are not; please consider this article) 

{pdf} chart: 20114WhenWasSaulSavedChart.pdf


2011, 3 WOL  What All People Must Do To Be Saved 

{pdf} chart: 20113ConversionChartpg.2.pdf


2011, 2 WOL  The New Birth   {See also: 2010, 12 below}


2011, 1 WOL  Are You Selling Your Soul?


2010, 12 {pdf} 201012HowOneEntersInto.pdf How One Enters INTO Christ Where Salvation Is Found  

{pdf} chart: 20111INTOChristchartpg2.pdf


2010, 11 WOL  The Law of Exclusion or Silence of the Scriptures -- continued  (Applied to music in worship)


2010, 10 WOL  The Law of Exclusion or Silence of the Scriptures  (Applied to music in worship)


2010, 9 WOL  The Incomprehensible Love of God  &  Authority In Religion


2010, 8 {pdf} 20108AreYouWithGodorAgainstGod.pdf   Do You Stand With God Or Against God?


2010, 7 WOL  Is One Saved Before Obeying The Savior?


2010, 6 WOL  Common Errors Refuted  (In Answer To A Baptist Preacher)


2010, 5 WOL  Handling Aright The Word Of God   (In Answer To A Baptist Preacher On The Dead)


2010, 4 WOL  Two Men Lived, Two Men Died


2010, 3 Is Your Church Wholly Following The Bible?  Chart: 20103IsYourChurchTrulyFFBibleChartpg.2.pdf  

Article: 20103IsYourchurchtrulyffBiblepg.1.pdf

{pdf} Article with chart: 20103IsYourChurchTrulyFFBibleChartandArt.pdf


2010, 2 WOL SAFEST PLACE TO BE  &  Noah Was Saved By Grace


2010, 1 WOL The Fall and Redemption of Man (cont.)  &  Wrong Formulas Can Never Save!


2009, 12 WOL  The Fall and Redemption of Man


2009, 11 WOL  A Denominational Preacher Responds To My Article Of 8-2009 “Why Are You a Baptist, etc. (part 2)


2009, 10 WOL  A Denominational Preacher Responds To My Article Of 8-2009 “Why Are You a Baptist, etc. (part 1)


2009, 9 WOL  Have You Heard About Sin Lately?


2009, 8 WOL    Why Are You A Baptist, Jehovah’s Witness, Methodist, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc., etc...? 


2009, 7 WOL  The Sin of Drinking Alcohol  &  Life Is A Great Journey


2009, 6 WOL  Questions On Baptism


2009, 5 WOL  Is Denominationalism Acceptable With God?


2009, 4 WOL  Are We Saved by Faith Only Or An Obedient Faith?


2009, 3 WOL  An Open Book Test On Baptism And A Test Of Our Faith


2009, 2 WOL  The Great Tragedy Of Modern Man Is His Lost Sense Of Sin  &  Wrong Conclusions


2009, 1 WOL  Error is Error, Period!


2008, 12 WOL  Will You Volunteer For The Lord’s Army?  &  Are You With God or Contrary to Him?